Equal Pay Promise

Make a bold statement with a bold promise.

Employers that make the Equal Pay Promise guarantee that employees with the same position, experience and performance will receive the same pay — period.


Let’s start something.

At Goalee, we’re making a promise. We’re hoping your company will make that promise, too. Why? Because that’s how change happens.

We’ve created a badge that symbolizes our commitment to eliminating the pay gaps often found between men versus women, new versus old hires, and minorities versus majorities.

Will your company make the Equal Pay Promise?


These employers have pledged to ensure that all their employees are compensated fairly and equally when position, experience and performance are aligned. If you’d like your company to be added to this list, send us a note below.


Atlanta, GA – We’re huge believers in this mission, and we’re recruiting a team that shares our vision and values!


Grab a Badge

Simply copy the snippet of code and add it to your careers page, job board or company website. The link will take visitors to this website. Feel free to edit the code snippet as needed.

Equal Pay Badges


We Promise Badges


Hand Badges


We want to turn this idea into a revolution. If you would like to help, send us a note.


Don Charlton
Founder & CEO


Don Charlton  Founder & CEO Goalee  @dontrepreneur

Anessa Fike
Founder & CEO
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